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Traditional Chinese medicine. WTF!

Photo: Tiger in snow forest.


We have choosen.

Elyos-Asmodian Wings.

(Artist unknown. Stock free)


Wild Granny by Sean Wilkin


Dandelion close-up, macro shot. Photo by Matthias Haker

Passing by unnoticed.

Graveyard in winter. Unknown photographer

Lighten up.

Museum MUDAM von I.M.Pei, Luxembourgh. Photo by Johann-Juergen Mohr

Riding a Wave

The Jamaican Surf Team for brand “Insight51”.

“Dopamine” serie. Photo by Dustin Humphrey

Shyness Tactic.


(photograhper unknown)

Big ears weigh him down.

Elephant on a small bench.

(artist unknown)

Cool or creepy. Or just “oh crap”…

(best viewed large) (artist unknown)

Photoshop Kubisme

Modern Art for Sale by Mr Photoshopper

The Order

Villa d’Este in Tivoli, Lazio, Italy

Other end of portal?

Boardwalk Gentofte, Denmark by Michael.DK

Hidden Portal

Bochum main station, subway U35, 302, 310, Germany by Arnd Dewald


Buenos Aires, Plaza de la República, Fiesta de la Bandera.

Photograph by Horacio Coppola, 1936

Dust, burning.

Dust, Burning Man at Black Rock Desert, Nevada, US.

Photo by Mark Probst

Verona, Italy by Ian Webb, rastaschas


Album cover illustration for L’Arc-en-Ciel – Chase. Illustration by Ryohei Hase

Song: Birdy – Skinny Love

An Appetizer

Having a Salad with blueberries, tomatoes and a homemade vinagrette with raspberry blush balsamic vinegar and olive oil by Mark Grapengater

There is always a way out by Fabrizio Lonzini