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Momento justo.

Momento justo by Luciano Gallo

Photo by Luciano Gallo.


Searching for life.

Storks in the sky. (photographer unknown)

Storks in the sky.

(source: wallpaper4iphone.tumblr, photographer unknown)

Halo Moon.

Halo Moon. Photo taken at a palm beach at the Dominican Republic by dolbi303

Photo taken on a palm beach of the Dominican Republic by dolbi303

Alfred’s Birds.

Red Sea, Egypt - Alfred's Birds. Photo by Cyril Blanchard

Birds in the sky at the Red Sea, Egypt.

Captured by Cyril Blanchard

Together we’ll fly.

Ducks in flight. Morning Arrival.

(unknown photographer)

P-51 Mustang Aviation

Maligne Starry Sky, Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada by Dominic Kamp