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Diminished banal scene of the ambitious.

Diminished banal scenep of the ambitious.

F1 Pit Stop I, 2007. C-print by German visual artist Andreas Gursky


We like to chase.

Fox Hunt in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania

Photo by Josh Hopkins

We like Statues.

Un amour de chat.

Photo by Waters, Order of the Ye Han

We are taking over.

Golden Jellyfish from Great Migrations series on National Geographic.



Ice and Stars @ Are, Jamtland, Sweden.

Photo by Ola Harstrom


Photo by Amir Hosein Hadadian

Traditional Chinese medicine. WTF!

Photo: Tiger in snow forest.


Wild Granny by Sean Wilkin

We start early.

Harbor in fog. Captured by a Voigtländer camera. (unknown artist)

Another Thinkfun Distraction going on.

On the road. Brandenburg, Germany. Lensed by Jens Fersterra

We earned a day off.

Surfers Paradise Beach, Gold Coast, Australia.

(photographer unknown)

We like to twist and turn.

Staircase & Stairway. Photo by Nils Eisfeld


Ale. Self portrait by Alessandro Villa

Open source project.

Converted Cement Factory, Barcelona, Spain, 1975. Made by architect Ricardo Bofill

(Open habitat <3)

Passing by unnoticed.

Graveyard in winter. Unknown photographer

Careful with the wish you make, wishes come true.

Geometrie – Cloister of Bramante, The Abbey of Monte Cassino, Lazio, Italy by Vincenzo Papa

Follow the Leader.

Footprint in stone. Photo by Iain Blake

The Film Guild Cinema, Greenwich Village, NY, built in 1929 by Frederick Kiesler

Photo by Ruth Bernhard, 1946


Wild in Museum by Leo Caillard


Little Man. Photo by Simón Pais-Thomas