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Hunters in the woods.

BF-109's in fog, 1945

BF-109’s in fog, 1945

(photographer unknown)


Through right or wrong.

Silhouettes and Shadows, Kashmir. Photo Steve McCurry

Silhouettes and Shadows, Kashmir.

Photo by Steve McCurry

We keep going.

American soldiers of the 289th Infantry Regiment march along the snow-covered road on their way to cut off the St. Vith-Houffalize road in Belgium.

January 24, 1945.  Photo by Richard A. Massenge.


Female Soldier from the Italian Army.

Photo by Veedoff Vadim

His school uniform.

Child Soldier in the Constitutional Army, Mexico, 1914.

Source: Archivo Casasola, INAH, Pachuca, Mexico.

Bravest of the brave. R.I.P.

American soldier killed by German snipers, Leipzig, Germany, April 18 1945

Photo by Robert Capa

Soldiers of Alpha Company (A Coy), Panjwaii District of Kandahar Province, Afghanistan

Red Falcons by MilitaryPhotos

Operation Enduring Freedom, Helmand Province of Afghanistan by Sgt. Pete Thibodeau, July 3, 2009

U.S. 370th Infantry Marching in Prato, Toscane, Italy, 1945

Gunner provides security from a CH-146 Griffon helicopter, Kandahar, Afghanistan

Alert Sniper

GI’s of C Company, 36th AIR, 9th Infantry Division at Geich, Germany, 11 December 1944


CH-47 Chinook helicopter, Bagh village of Khakeran Valley, Zabul, Afghanistan

Celebration of Germany’s unconditional surrender on Times Square, New York