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Last Post.

Dear you,

I haven’t been posting new material on this wordpress blog for some weeks now as you might have noticed.. Due to lack of time, the wordpress ads and the free 3.0 GB upload limit, I’ll pick up where I left off and continue updating every now and then, but solely at urbanfragment.tumblr.com from this moment indefinitely.

Thank you for watching, liking and commenting I’ve been posting for the past time. This is not the end though. It’s still going into the realm of the unknown, to see what can be known. And I’ll be here. If you leave me a comment, I’ll read it.

Love, cheers and have a nice day!



As they batter.

A raging sea dwarfs Seaham Lighthouse in County Durham in England by  by Owen Humphreys

A raging sea dwarfs Seaham Lighthouse in County Durham in England, with 100ft waves after a cold front moved down from the north bringing freezing temperatures to the North of England. Photo by Owen Humphreys, PA. Feb. 6, 2013.

A battle, to the end.

Mickey Mouse in the election campaign London County Council to attract voters, February 26 1931, England by Fox Photos

During a London County Council election campaign run by Sir W Ray, Mickey Mouse is shown on a small screen in a city street to attract voters, February 26 1931, England.

Photo by Fox Photos / Hulton Archive.

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